FinanceWorksTM powered by Quicken®

Access this money management tool from inside CBTx Online Banking

FinanceWorksTM is the next generation of online financial management that combines the best of Quicken® with the best of CBTx Online Banking. 

With FinanceWorksTM, CBTx Online Banking customers can:

  • Track Spending - see where your money is being spent to identify ways to control spending and save more money
  • RealBalanceTM - displays the available funds for an account based upon posted transactions and user-entered projected transactions
  • Central Account Management - ability for you to manage all of your accounts in one place, regardless of which financial institution they are held at
  • Bill Management - helps you manage your bills, regardless of payment method.  FinanceWorksTM automatically creates a comprehensive bill list for you to pay your bills on time
  • Budgeting - create a monthly budget and track against it

See what people are saying about FinanceWorksTM:

  • "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being able to see right away how much I'm overspending or saving each month.  I'm getting a clearer picture of my spending habits."
  • "This made it so easy to see our accounts...seeing where we are spending the little extras we don't need really will help us to save.  Great product!!!"
  • I am simply amazed.  I love FinanceWorksTM already.  It is so easy to work with...AWESOME!"

CBTx is happy to introduce another new money management tool to help our customers achieve their financial goals.  Start using FinanceWorksTM today!

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FinanceWorksTM is available for FREE to all CBTx Online Banking users.