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Opt In to use your Overdraft Privilege for everyday debit card transactions

Federal regulations require CBTx to receive your authorization to pay your everyday debit card transactions that use your Overdraft Privilege.  If you do not opt in to this service, we may not pay your everyday debit card transactions if you do not have the funds available in your account. 

Opting In means you will continue to have a safety net up to your available Overdraft Privilege limit.  This may save you from the embarrassment of having a transaction declined if you have made a mistake in balancing your account or if you are short on cash. There is NO FEE to keep the Overdraft Coverage on your account and NO FEE if you never use it.

Opt in today - the choice is yours! 

Opt in online
Submit our secure online Opt In Form and you will be Opted In - Apply Online 

Opt in over the phone
Call our CBTx EZ Access line to Opt In - (888)776-2240, Option 8 Available 24 hrs!

Opt in at any CBTx location - Opt In Form
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Opt in by mail - Opt In Form
Mail this form to - PO Box 635454 Nacogdoches, TX 75963-5454 

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